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Guardian Program

The goal in implementing a guardianship to a breeding program is to ensure all breeding prospects are placed in a loving home with a forever family. A thoroughly vetted guardian family is given a "pick of litter" trained puppy, with no puppy fee (YES, a free puppy). The guardian family will only be responsible for normal pet related expenses. The breeding rights of the dog will be retained by Davis Family Farms until the breeding career is fulfilled.
Davis Family Farms and the guardian will be in a legal binding contract stating that the full ownership of the pet will be given after the breeding career is finished

What are the requirements?

Must live within 1 hour of Breeder (some exceptions).

Must have fenced in yard (some exceptions). Guardian must agree to keep the dog inside and not place in an outside kennel. 

Guardians are responsible for transportation to Breeder. (We will help or meet if time allows.)

Guardian must agree to feed recommended food (Nutri-source) and continue training.

Breeder will offer free grooming services every 10-12 weeks until breeding contract is finished.

Must love puppy snuggles and kisses!

What are the steps?

Step 1:

Send in an application or email with your interest in becoming a guardian for our program.

Step 2:

Have a phone conversation to confirm qualifications and expectations.

(417) 259 -9823

Step 3:

Once approved, you will be sent the Guardian Contract. 

Step 4:

Guardian family will have a chance to meet + greet the puppy/dog before placement.

What is the process?

A female breeding dog will experience the majority of health related genetic testing between the first 6-12 months of age.

A female breeding dog will have a maximum of 4 litters. Back to back litters are recommended, but this will depend on the dog's health.

A female will first be bred between 12-24 months of age. Breedings occurring every 6-8 months.

A female will be gone 4-7 days once into "heat". After honeymoon, the female will be with the guardian family for the duration of pregnancy (60 days).

During the end of pregnancy, up until the puppies are weaned, the female will be with the breeder for 8-9 weeks at most. Visitation is allowed during approved times (puppy snugs and kisses).

All medical or vet visits related to breeding are covered by the Breeder. Normal pet vet visits are covered by guardian family. Once the breeding career is finished, Davis Family Farms will cover the

  • Guardian Opportunity

    Miss Honey is a hopeful Momma for Davis Family Farms. She has a beautiful soft coat, and will stay under 20 lbs. She absolutely adores children! She enjoys routine and the safety and comfort it brings. Once she gets to know you, she will be begging for belly rubs and snuggles.